Full Dome Master to Flat Screen v1.0




Figment Dome Master to Flat Screen Tool™ is an After Effects® Script to help you convert dome master into a "flat screen" 16:9 (1.78) video that anyone can watch, outside the full dome community. This tool can be used to make flat screen previews of your full dome library or just to upload a flat screen version of your full dome master onto social media.





We would like to thank our friends at Uma Vision for allowing us to use “VOYAGER: the Never-Ending Journey Trailer” as a test case for our Figment Full Dome to Flat Screen Tool.


Please visit their Facebook page and their Website to check out more information on their full dome show and animations.


click any of the thumbnails below to screen it:

Ninagloo Trailer Conversion

The Life of Trees Trailer Conversion

Origins (2016) Trailer Conversion

Voyager Never Ending Journey Trailer Conversion


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