Domemaster to HTML v1.0

Export your domemasters from After Effects to a web page with a built-in player. This conversion allows the domemaster to be shared with your production, creative and administrative teams. Share the domemaster with your clients for approvals and/or change orders over the Internet or local network.

Full Domemaster to Flat Screen v1.0

Figment Domemaster to Flat Screen Tool™ is an After Effects® Script to help you convert domemaster into a "flat screen" 16:9 (1.78) video that anyone can watch, outside the full dome community. This tool can be used to make flat screen previews of your full dome library or just to upload a flat screen version of your full dome master onto social media.

Full Domemaster Info Frame Creator v1.0.3

The process of creating a domemaster info frame is pretty straightforward but takes approximately 5-10 minutes to create by hand or by using a template. Our Adobe After Effects® script will create a dome master info frame in less than 3 seconds!




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